Grabs and Attachments Gain versatility with our grabs and attachment to accomplish your projects!

Grabs and attachments

Gain versatility with SENNEBOGEN attachments

SENNEBOGEN has a wide range of high quality mechanical and hydraulic attachments that are tuned to work particularly well with your SENNEBOGEN machinery, such as the orange peel grab, grab bucket, clamshell grab and many more!

These high quality attachments allow you to accomplish major projects and cycle through your daily high volume of bulk materials with minimum equipment! 

Orange Peel Grab advantage

  • 5 shells orange peel grab for loose bulk
  • 4 shells orange peel grab for large chunk
  • Grab opens quickly with high closing force
  • Cast steel shells available for heavy duty tasks

Sorting Grab advantage

  • Light weight grab for maximum load
  • Hydraulic cylinder with end position damping on piston base
  • Fast grab, release and rotation of sorting grab
  • Hardened steel bushes with special surface for longevity


Clam shell advantage

  • Universal clamshell for huge volume gravel, sand, etc, bulk grab
  • Clamshell is robust and easy serviceable
  • Generous dimensioned shell pivots that is built to last
  • Special clamshell grab options available from heavy duty to coal handling

Timber grab advantage

  • Robust timber claw ensure efficient timber handling
  • Timber grab opens quickly with strong clamping force
  • Suitable for demanding usage in sawmills and timber mills
  • Cast steel shells available for heavy duty tasks

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