lattice crawler crane SENNEBOGEN 5500 E construction site lifting
Crawler Crane Lifting powerhouse for heavy elevation

Crawler CRANE :
50 T TO 300 T

Highly stable wide track couple with "Made in Germany" engineering standard. A go-to crane for large assembly work.

50 t Raupenkran Gittermastkran SENNEBOGEN 1100 Raupe Hubarbeiten Hebearbeiten Rohrpfähle
up to 50 t
Diesel engine:
129 kW
80 t Raupenkran Gittermastkran SENNEBOGEN 2200 Raupe Rohrverlegung Baustelle Baustellenkran
up to 80 t
Diesel engine:
186 kW
130 t Raupenkran Gittermastkran SENNEBOGEN 4400 Hubarbeiten Betonfertigteile Baustelle Baustellenkran
up to 130 t
Diesel engine:
186 kW
180 t 200 t Raupenkran Gittermastkran SENNEBOGEN 5500 Hebearbeiten Brückenmontage Baustelle Baustellenkran
up to 180 / 200 t
Diesel engine:
283 kW
300 t Raupenkran Gittermastkran SENNEBOGEN 7700 Hochbau Tiefbau Baustelle Baustellenkran Betonfertigteile
up to 300 t
Diesel engine:
313 kW
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Unmatched in quality the SENNEBOGEN Crawler Crane

SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are able do some amazing lifting work. A go-to crane for large assembly work thanks to Star-Lifter wide-track crawler undercarriage which able to support heavy lifting task with great stability.

Couple with "Made in Germany" robust boom system with up to 4° tilt and strong high speed cable winches, SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes can accomplish a lifting work up to 300 t load capacity.

SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are fitted with high-performance of up to 321 kW / 436 hp stage V engine. 

Not only working on ground, SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are able to work on sea territory. By placing a SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes on a barge, SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes can work as a crane barge that can work on an incline of up to 4°, for harbour and jetty construction.

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