SENNEBOGEN Asia Pacific brings in the innovation, quality and tradition from Straubing, Germany

From Germany to the rest of the World

As Asia Pacific continues to grow, so does the demand for better built machines for faster ROI and sustainable practices. SENNEBOGEN has its own company in Singapore and has established over 20 distributors strategically covering the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to our tightly knit sales and service network, you can rely on an ideal supply chain, best advice and reliable service. Proudly brought from Germany to the rest of the World.

Our machines are used in recycling plants, scrap yards, sawmills, ports, industrial plants and construction sites and in the extraction industry and problem tree felling throughout Asia Pacific. They show that energy efficiency and high performance are not contradictory. We focus on durability and reliability in the construction of our machines, use robust materials and avoid over engineering. You will benefit from a high uptime and low total costs of ownership.

About SENNEBOGEN and its quality

A major focus in asia pacific market

The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by great diversity. As diverse as the individual countries are, so are the operations in which our machines operate every day. Our unique selling proposition: we have a finely tuned product range and manufacture our machines to customer specifications so that they fit you and your needs perfectly.

Customers owning SENNEBOGEN machinery in Asia Pacific can expect industrial grade machinery to weather through harsh working environment with minimum work disruption. The region is one of the largest daily temperature ranges and heaviest rainfall occurring in the world. This greatly affects machinery and its components if not being carefully considered.

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Managing Director | Asia Pacific

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Marco Burgmer

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Material Handling Solutions | Asia Pacific

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Dennis Hasenkopf

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After Sales Manager | Asia Pacific

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Reinhard Boettner

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