Port handling Versatile harbour cranes and material handlers
Port handling Versatile harbour cranes and material handlers
Port handling Versatile harbour cranes and material handlers

Port Handling - FREIGHT transport friendly 


Port logistics have been on a rise and goods are more sophisticated and sensitive goods due to the increase in world development and consumption. SENNEBOGEN has developed and offers a wide selection of material handlers and port cranes to keep up with the demand.

  • Balancer concept for bigger working radius
  • Competitive price
  • Stable and long reach
  • Wide range of attachment specially design to work seamlessly with SENNEBOGEN material handlers

Port handling challenges

Odd size cargo

SENNEBOGEN port handling machines are sturdily designed to minimize swing moment so as to increase stability that are crucial for lifting and managing odd size cargo such as huge bags, timber, livestock and special containers.

Type of material wear

Bulk materials are different and require handling adapted to them: SENNEBOGEN attachments go into the smallest detail and are adapted to a wide variety of dry bulk materials. With the right selection of heavy-duty shells, light goods shells or coal shells in our range, you can balance and maximize the durability with the right value for a higher ROI.

Barge and pontoon operation

Being able to work on barges and pontoon for trans-shipment is part of the job scope in some ports. SENNEBOGEN port handlers offer the right solution with various choices and adaptations of the undercarriage system.

Lifting speed and accuracy

Essential for both port and ship operators: Fast unloading and stockpiling of goods are required so that ships can clear the port as soon as possible. SENNEBOGEN quality slew bearings and slew system in its undercarriage will achieve fast cycle times.

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