Recycling Lightning speed recycling management

Recycling and waste management

The all-round solution for recycling companies: SENNEBOGEN material handlers for waste management and recycling are customizable to suit your waste recycling unique configuration such as diesel or electric motor, electric wire tethering, auxiliary diesel power pack, pylon solutions, etc.

In short, below are SENNEBOGEN material handler advantages to your waste recycling business such as used paper recycling, waste wood recycling, general waste recycling, used tires recycling, scrap recycling or demolition waste management.

  • Customizable from undercarriage to boom arm
  • Competitive pricing: low total costs of ownership
  • Options for electric or diesel engines
  • Environmental friendliness and economical engines
  • Wide range of attachment specially design to work seamlessly with SENNEBOGEN material handlers
Copper wire stripping for recycling supported by indoor friendly material handler SENNEBOGEN 817 E in Singapore.
SENNEBOGEN 355 E telehandler managing the tree mulch from wood chipping and recycling in Japan.
SENNEBOGEN 818 E material handler managing waste recycling in a harsh indoor environment made possible by powerful reversing fans for accelerated airflow that blows off stuck debris at the vent.

Waste recycling Challenges

Viewing height during feeding

Anyone who wants to load plants safely and efficiently needs maximum visibility of the work area. There must be no obstructing elements to block the view and the operator must be able to adopt a perspective that gives him an unrestricted view. Our material handlers and telehandlers for the recycling industry are delivered with elevating cab with panoramic windows as standard. This gives the operator the best possible view of the surrounding terrain and the facilities to be fed.


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