Structural and Civil Engineering Stability, strength and make no compromise

Structural and Civil Engineering

SENNEBOGEN crane line support structural civil engineering works with robust and quality lifting cranes that make no compromise. The quality steel and highly efficient design make our cranes safe for lifting tasks in difficult ground conditions.

Structural and Civil Engineering Challenges

Monitoring the health of infrastructure

Whether it's inspection, maintenance, renewal or new construction: the use of quality machinery is essential for infrastructure projects to work efficiently and to ensure maximum safety on site. SENNEBOGEN cranes with Starlifter undercarriages ensure stability to maximize operator confidence in lifting heavy components and other materials precisely and perfectly into place.

Limited space and narrow construction sites

Building and civil engineering work often takes place in the center of megacities. There, space is often tight, but at the same time machines are needed that deliver maximum performance. SENNEBOGEN cranes combine high performance with minimal space requirements. They can assemble themselves without auxiliary cranes and adapt their track widths to the conditions of the construction site.

Improving productivity

On large construction sites in particular, there are a wide variety of tasks to be performed. The more flexible the machines are, the more effectively the construction progress can be advanced. SENNEBOGEN cranes are equipped with a pick & carry function. They can travel with up to 100 % load.

Soft soil and soil erosion

Ground piling and earth retention are often the first task to begin a structural and civil engineering project. The ground is usually soft due to weather or from previous excavation work. The flexibility of SENNEBOGEN cranes to widen the width of undercarriage track is important for easy loading during transportation and increasing the surface area during lifting operations on soft ground.


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