Scrap Handling and Steel Mills From the fastest cycle to the highest stockpile solution

Scrap metal and steel handling and recycling

Every individual countries in the Asia Pacific region have a different solution to waste management due to the differences in policies, habits as well as geographical reasons. Hence SENNEBOGEN material handlers cover the widest range for scrap, steel and waste management solution to satisfy the differences.

  • Customizable from undercarriage to boom arm
  • Competitive price with lower total cost of ownership
  • Options for electric or efficient diesel engines
  • Wide range of attachment specially design to work seamlessly with SENNEBOGEN material handlers
Full electric drive SENNEBOGEN material handler sorting and feeding scrap metal compactor in Singapore.
Environmentally friendly electric drive SENNEBOGEN material handler sitting on a 4.5 m pylon in Japan.
Mobile SENNEBOGEN material handler feeding scrap automotive to scrap metal compactor.

Scrap Handling Challenges

Ideal stockpiling height

Different recycling facilities require different stockpiling height. We offer a wide range of undercarriage heights such as tall pylons and other customizable solutions. this allows you to achieve an ideal and efficient stockpiling height.


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