Dredging / Coastal Protection Various solutions for your dredging and coastal protection tasks

Dredging and Coastal protection

Removing sediments and debris from the bottom of rivers and other water bodies made easy with larger sized heavy duty cycle cranes with large hopper dredger. This is also correlated to coastal protection reclamation where larger cranes and material handlers can move bigger armour rocks and faster cycle at the same time.

Well-engineered and designed SENNEBOGEN 653 E enables the crane to work next to fragile environment such as lamp post and fall protection guard rails.
SENNEBOGEN 6180 heavy duty cycle crawler crane with an IEV dragline bucket of 4 cu.yd (3000L) reshaping a new shoreline to better withstand the impact of constant waves through dredging process.
SENNEBOGEN 6113 E lowering precast concrete elements for efficient coastal protection. A job which requires a wide stable track.

Coastal protection / Dredging Challenges

Deep underwater sediments

The natural process of built up sediments that block waterways from downstream can be very deep. SENNEBOGEN heavy duty cycle cranes with excellence below ground level load chart warrant a job done even for heavy built up.


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