Timber / Tree Pruning Powerful and stable for sizeable logs handling

Timber handling and tree pruning

SENNEBOGEN tree care and timber material handlers manages your productivity efficiently. With compact pick and carry function along with high capacity and reach for bigger work radius that make fit in bigger timber yard and wood harvesting operations.

SENNEBOGEN tree care handlers are also arborist favourites due to the compact and high reach performance which makes it perfect for tree care services such as road side tree pruning, tree trimming and tree removal tasks.

  • Maximum safety thanks to double tires (eight tires) and protective guard on cab
  • Competitive price along with low consumption and low total costs of ownership
  • Wide range of attachment specially design to work seamlessly with SENNEBOGEN material handlers
The compact design of the SENNEBOGEN 718 E means that pruning at the roadside does not impede the flow of traffic. The perfectly tuned joystick also ensures that the grab movement are smooth to avoid sudden yanking for extra safety.
Tight stockpiling of timber made possible with small turn radius from compact dimension and all wheel steer.
Fast timber logs unloading for a quick port turn around with 2 SENNEBOGEN pylon crawler material handler working on 2 cargo holds.

Tree felling in order to ensure traffic safety - SENNEBOGEN 728 E

07 Feb 2024

Gunnison Tree Service successfully uses SENNEBOGEN tree care handlers for tree felling in order to ensure traffic safety in the US.…

Timber handling and Tree Pruning challenges

Obstruction to traffic

Urban cities have tight spaces and small roads. Often tree pruning or tree removal operations will obstruct the road entirely. SENNEBOGENs compact solutions minimize blocking of road, allowing normal flow of traffic.


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