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The global economy is growing and demand for goods transportation is increasing. SENNEBOGEN material handlers and cranes allow you to stay ahead of the industry by moving more and faster with efficient and robust equipment.

  • Plant and factory maintenance
  • General indoor and outdoor assembly work
  • Crates and pallet stacking
  • Offshore lifting

Industry challenges

Tight working space

Replacing equipment from a built up plant or factory requires a compact lifting solution as the equipment is usually deeply entrenched inside of the system.


Having a crane or material handler that is able to accommodate different attachments is a big plus. This gives the machinery flexibility to handle and solve indirect scenarios.


Repetition work such as stacking and unstacking often require high visibility with 360° panoramic view. This way every action is certain and accurate thus increasing productivity.

stability in offshore

Lifting in open sea requires robust design from the lattice boom to tiny details like the lock pin. Couple with a large star-lifter undercarriage and an experience operator, swinging from sea motion can be greatly reduced. Both the master winches of the SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are equipped with an "Emergency Load Release System (ELRS)" to remain complaint to offshore safety.


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