Balance material handler Performance enhanced through well balanced equipment

Balance material handler

Balance Umschlagbagger Umschlagmaschine Balancer SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ Küstenbefestigung
up to max. 35 m
Diesel engine:
470 kW
Electro engine:
430 kW
Balance Umschlagbagger Balancer SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ Schrottumschlag Schrottplatz Mehrschalengreifer
up to 21 / 23 / 25 / 27 m
Electro engine:
110 / 130 kW
Balance Umschlagbagger Umschlagmaschine Balancer SENNEBOGEN 8160 EQ Hafenumschlag Schiffsentladung Zweischalengreifer Hafen Entladekran
up to 27 / 30 m
Electro engine:
160 kW
Balance Umschlagbagger Umschlagmaschine Balancer SENNEBOGEN 8240 EQ
SENNEBOGEN 8240 Balance material handler lettering
up to 27 / 32 / 36 / 40 m
Electro engine:
315 kW
Balance Umschlagbagger Umschlagmaschine Balancer 8400 EQ Hafenumschlag Zweischalengreifer
SENNEBOGEN 8400 E Balance material handler
up to 32 / 36 / 40 / 42 m
Electro engine:
2 x 200 kW

Evenly distributed weight = less energy required

With no counter reaction force, balance material handlers (Commonly known as equilibrium material handler or EQ), reduce operating cost up to 75 %. SENNEBOGEN balance material handlers come in both diesel engine or electric motor which provide an efficient and cost-effective logistic system for scrap yards, ports and other industries which requires fast demanding repetition material handling jobs. Our machines have the option to choose from diesel engine or electric drive motor a perfect machinery equipment for recycling, port, scrap, logging and many other industries.

Balance material handlers can cover a large area efficiently thus replacing multiple equipment. This set up greatly helps in logistic cost! Less machines means less upfront cost, less maintenance, more space and added safety in the workplace.

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