Plant and Offshore Quality stable machinery for delicate plant and offshore project

Plant and offshore project applications

Quality built SENNEBOGEN cranes with proven track records in both technology and robust components reaffirm the ability to maintain longer uptime. An important factor as service maintenance and applications for offshore projects are often off the beaten track.

SENNEBOGEN cranes are additionally built for stability with wide tracks and quality mechanism such as high performance - high torque turntable to handle precise and delicate task where safety is essential. 

  • Highly configurable for demanding lifting operations
  • Low total costs of ownership for superior built quality
  • Industrial-grade engines for continuous use over many hours

plant and offshore challenges

Offshore safety

Offshore projects machinery and equipment are often working closely together. One machine adversity will affect its surrounding. All SENNEBOGEN cranes and material handlers are quality made in Germany with extremely robust components in drives, undercarriages, booms and steel frames to meet a high level of safety during lifting operations.

Corrosion and the environment

With seawater having higher conductivity and the penetrating power of the chloride ion through surface films on a metal, additional steps to prepare the metal are required to ensure its longevity. SENNEBOGEN prepare its machinery with lasting paint through sandblasting for best surface preparation. In addition, quality paint for saltwater-resistant to combat corrosion is available if required.

Valuable asset

Plant construction and maintenance are delicate project as the equipment and parts are often massive in size and valuable. SENNEBOGEN cranes come with an intelligent control system that actively supports the user for maximum focus and in handling pinpoint coupling tasks.


The only way to bring a machinery onboard an offshore project is via ship transportation. Hence being transport ship friendly is important. With retractable undercarriage track that can execute self-loading, SENNEBOGEN cranes can do a quick roll-on/roll-off a transportation ship with ease and maximum safety.


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