Special Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering Achieve your special engineering requirement with high performance technology

Special civil engineering and hydraulic engineering

Special civil engineering and hydraulic engineering applications are often challenging. They require precise positioning and a wide range of lifting capability for different tasks.

SENNEBOGENs wide range of crawler cranes and heavy duty crawler cranes are equipped with quality lifting instruments. Sensitive steering for precise positioning increases will further enhance the competence of the operator and complete challenging lifting tasks.

Special Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering Challenges

Tight working areas

Often special civil engineering construction sites are located near or in the city district. This requires a compact design that SENNEBOGEN offers for all its range of machinery without compromising on load capacities.

Irregular condition

Unfavourable settings such as waterbody or the soft ground are often part of ground breaking or beginning stage of a special civil engineering and hydraulic engineering construction site. SENNEBOGEN having retractable wide tracks and robust modular booms empowers a lower swing moment intensity.

Massive attachments

Special civil engineering and hydraulic engineering projects are already delicate by nature. Adding on a weighty large attachment will be a significant test to the durability and performance of the machine. This was made possible with SENNEBOGEN's years of experience in designing and manufacturing cranes in-house has kept quality and robustness at the highest level with numerous track record in the successful completion of numerous major projects.

Protecting lives and properties

Working in built up city areas means working closely with personnel and equipment around. Be it drives, undercarriages, booms or steel frames, SENNEBOGEN machinery are built for high stress operation in tough applications to ensure no machine failure and to be safe utilization around personnel, other machinery and equipment.

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