Demolition Protect your environment with high reach and precise demolition machinery

Demolition -
Combining technology and safety


  • Up to 4 t at 36 m reach height (Material Handler)
  • Various attachments for different demolition tasks
  • Selective dismantling, sorting and loading with one demolition machine
  • Strong reliable winches and slew drive/rings for performance (Duty Cycle Crane)
High roof ceiling dismantling with SENNEBOGEN 870 E high stability demolition with crusher attachment.
Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence in Dhaka modernizing rescue mission with SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolition material handler equipped with pulverizing sheer cutter, vibrating hammer and shovel.
Convert your demolition SENNEBOGEN machine on-site from a crusher to a breaker or to a sorting grab with SENNEBOGEN interchangeable mounting adaptor.

Demolition challenges

Tight working space

Due to tight working space in inner city construction sites, using of multiple machinery is not ideal. SENNEBOGEN demolition material handlers are able to solve that with multiple attachment such as vibrating hammer, sheer cutter and sorting grab.


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