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SENNEBOGEN's tree care handlers are a top choice among arborists thanks to their compact yet high-reaching performance, making them ideal for a variety of tree care services, including roadside tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal tasks. Their superior agility and precision allow for efficient and safe handling of even the most challenging tree care jobs. Choose SENNEBOGEN for a reliable and effective solution to all your tree care needs.

  • Maximum safety thanks to double tires (eight tires) and protective guard on cab
  • Competitive price along with low consumption and low total costs of ownership
  • Wide range of attachment specially design to work seamlessly with SENNEBOGEN material handlers
The compact design of the SENNEBOGEN 718 E means that pruning at the roadside does not impede the flow of traffic. The perfectly tuned joystick also ensures that the grab movements are smooth to avoid sudden movements for extra safety.
Tree pruning on this hill side was once a very challenging task. With the amazing long reach of SENNEBOGEN 728 E of up to 21 m, it is no longer the case. Thanks to robust and compact size design that enable SENNEBOGEN tree handlers to reach far forward.
Cutting back vegetation with off-road capable SENNEBOGEN 718 E. This is position with stable undercarriage with forestry tires and high ground clearance.

Tree Care challenges

Obstruction to traffic

Urban cities have tight spaces and small roads. Often tree pruning or tree removal operations will obstruct the road entirely. SENNEBOGENs compact solutions minimize blocking of road, allowing normal flow of traffic.

Tree care tools and attachment

SENNEBOGEN's tree care machinery are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of top-performing tools and attachments, including

  • Grab Saws
  • Rootstock Cutters
  • Feeling Grabs
  • Mulchers
  • Cutting Units
  • Trimmers
  • And many more!

Our tree care equipment provides the flexibility and versatility necessary to meet the demands of any tree care job, ensuring efficient and effective performance every time.


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