Mining and Quarrying Extraction with speed

Mining / quarrying - reliablity under the toughest conditions

Powerful winches and a unique slewing ring design: we ensure that your machines can withstand high dynamic loads, increase productivity and have a longer service life in demanding mining and quarrying operations.

  • Fast extraction rates of 40 m³/h to 400 m³/h
  • Various attachments for different mining and quarrying operations
  • 30 t to 300 t load capacity to suit your mining and quarrying operation
  • Strong and reliable winches and slew drives/rings for high performance

Mining and Quarrying Challenges

soft terrain from water built up

Wide open spaces and trenches mean an inevitable of water ponding and soft soil. With option for wider track base up to 1.5 m is important to spread weight across the ground.

Supply chain velocity

Ensuring trucks do not sit idling while waiting for mining materials to be extracted, SENNEBOGEN duty cycle cranes will be put to the test. This mean that the quality machinery built and powerful high torque winches will be required in the checklist to perform faster with larger bucket load and yet resistance to swing moment ensuring smooth flow in the mining and extracting processes.


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